March 31, 2010

Fall/Winter 2105

Well the end of the year is near and for me, this is my last day of work, DEc 18, 2015. My birthday is next week and we’ll be on a cruise throughout next week. Once we get hope before New Year’s Eve we’ll be closed for another week.

Just so no one’s mixed up we’re closed until the New year!

Thank you and Happy Holidays to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another year for us and we’re very grateful to each and every customer we have. We strive to make the best goodies we can. We”re always trying to improve with new products even sometimes making our regular stuff better. This year we’re making biscotti and old fashioned peanut brittle. The one new product that we’re all really proud of is our Ice Cream Sandwiches. The ice cream, brownies and cookies have all won numerous Gold Medals at the Sonoma County Harvest Fairs over the last few years and combining it all has been a dream come true….